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Creative Design Tek School


Jenae Cason

       Jenae Cason is the owner of Creations By Jenae, a multimedia design company that provides creative digital services to companies, organizations, and businesses. She is also the founder of Creative Design Tek, a design school that teaches graphic design and technology courses to future designers.

     Jenae is from Lithonia, Georgia and attended Albany State University, where she received her Bachelors of Science degree in Computer Science. She is a part of the First Georgia Drone Soccer League and is a certified United States Drone Soccer drone instructor. She is the first drone soccer coach at Arabia Mountain High School in Stonecrest, Georgia.

   Jenae is a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated, The Order of the Eastern Star, South Metro Women's Democratic Council, and The National Association of Women Owned Small Businesses.  Currently, Jenae serves on the executive board as the technology chair of the Atlanta Airport Rotary Club and the College Park Citizens Association. She also is a proud member at Providence Baptist Church where she serves on the technology ministry.

   Jenae is passionate about digital media, technology, and wants to share her testimony and gifts to others.  She loves to give back to her community, mentor students, provide scholarships, summer programs, and volunteer her time to public and private schools in the technology department. 


Creative Design Tek School is  a technology school dedicated to bringing our digital media and tech workshops to a wide, diverse audience. We approach these workshops with energy, creativity, and experience. CDT strives to teach graphic design and digital media to students that will gain valuable design skills and create portfolio-ready projects that will launch them on their way into the exciting field of graphic design and digital media. In addition, CDT will focus on cultivating an innovative economy for education technology start-ups and entrepreneurs.


Creative Design Tek’s mission is to enhance the confidence of and encourage students of all ages to develop and fulfill their creative potential through visuals in different areas of graphic design and digital media that will jumpstart their career in technology and entrepreneurship. 

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